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Financial problems affect more than just a company’s leadership. Financial issues can impact employees, shareholders, and customers, as well. For many businesses experiencing financial issues, commercial bankruptcy can be a great way to get out from underneath overwhelming debt and begin to work toward a brighter financial future. If your business is drowning in debt, our office is available to offer solutions.

“No need to search for any other BK law firm. Law Offices of Langley and Chang must be your one stop law firm to take care of your BK needs. My partner and I were fortunate to have a highly experienced team working on our unique case. Chris Langley and his team took care of us right from the get-go.

They took the time to listen to our case, assured us that bankruptcy was not the end of the world, and were successful in discharging our debt all within five months after filing. ”
- Thai Nam P.
“ I decided to retain Chris Langley as I felt that he had the most knowledge and confidence in handling my complex case. And I couldn't be happier with the results!

It truly worked out just as Chris predicted it would. My case was successfully discharged in March (4 months after filing) and I'm now back on my feet. ”
- Bray S.
“This is definitely one excellent attorney. Not only does he know his way around the court room. He knows his way around the law...the ends and outs in his area of practice.

If you need a good lawyer this is definitely the one to call to handle your case. ”
- Thomas A.

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